Jesus, dude, lighten up — man brandishes gun after being told he can’t smoke

pissed off smoker

Jesus, dude, is that cigarette really worth sitting in a jail cell? Chill out!

Some guy standing in front of the Atascadero State Hospital was told he couldn’t smoke and he responded by brandishing a gun in his belt. He’s now cooling his ass in a jail cell on a $50,000 bond. Smart move.

Then again, Atascadero IS a state hospital, so it might have its share of nuts hanging out in front.

This is why most smokers don’t get hassled. You never know if there’s a real asshole standing behind that cigarette.

(I’ve twice seen people throw hissy fits for being asked not to smoke. Many years ago. One, in a bar clearly marked as nonsmoking, she was told, “sorry, no smoking,” and she screamed “FUCK YOU” at the bartender and stomped out. That was about 10 years ago. Ahhh, the good ol’ days before people got used to smoking bans …)


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