Another reason to quit smoking? It really does make you look older

8C9523350-131028-smoking-twins-02-hmed-1030a.blocks_desktop_medium Twins study shows the aging effects of smoking.

This is really interesting. A remarkable study looking at smoking and non-smoking twin graphically displays how smoking makes people look older. 79 twins were studied as part of this project, one of whom had smoked at least 5 years longer than the other.

The photos (non-smoking twins on the left, smoking twins on the right) show how the smoking twins are more wrinkled. Some of these images are really startling.


Why does this happen? Simply, smoking reduces the amount of oxygen going to the skin.

So if lung cancer, COPD and heart disease (and impotence) aren’t enough reasons to quit smoking … think about this … you will be more wrinkled.


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