E-cigs banned by New York City. Really? You realize these are e-cigs, not actual cigarettes?

ecigThis is a baffling story to me, sorry. Jack, I know you might not agree, but I have enough of a Libertarian streak to say, “WTF?”

A couple of weeks ago, the city of New York extended its strict smoking ban to e-cigs. E-cigs are not allowed in NYC bars and restaurants now.

OK, I don’t have a big agenda with e-cigs, which I will explain in a detailed post tomorrow (I promise), but this reminds me of  a dumb move made in Montana regarding e-cigs. When the state’s smoking ban went into place, a lot of the bars around here stocked up on e-cigs that they could sell to their customers who could no longer smoke in the bars. The state health department came down and claimed e-cigs were covered under the smoking ban, and the bars cried, “like … why?” And the state health department responded … “um … we don’t know.” It turns out the state health department literally thought e-cigs were somehow literal electronic cigarettes, which they are not. They are simply a nicotine delivery system, nothing more. After declaring e-cigs banned, the state health department backed down a few weeks later and said they were OK (probably after conferring with lawyers).

And there you have it. E-cigs are massively misunderstood … and let me stress, I am not endorsing them. Just saying they are misunderstoood. There is nothing toxic or poisonous or carcinogenic in the steam coming out of an e-cig. Just nicotine. And you’re not going to get addicted to nicotine because you might inhale a bit of nicotine-laced steam from an e-cig. More on this issue tomorrow (I promise).

Anyway, I guess I’m saying in a roundabout way that this appears to be a bit of an overreach in New York City. Former mayor Michael Bloomberg was possibly the most fanatical anti-smoking, anti-tobacco zealot on the planet — a LOT more than me. New York has some of the strictest anti-smoking ordinances in the country, which for the most part I am completely cool with.

Some people are vowing to fight the New York ban on e-cigs.

4 thoughts on “E-cigs banned by New York City. Really? You realize these are e-cigs, not actual cigarettes?”

  1. Nothing but nicotine? Like nothing in crack but crack, or nothing in heroin being shot in my vein?
    How many years did it take for them to find out and admit what is in cigarettes ? The cigarette companies are making the e- cigs, with nicotine so you become addicted. How do you know the nicotine does not come out with the steam? For others to breathe in

    1. Hello, Jan, thanks for responding. You make some valid points. I have a lot of respect for you. I urge you to come back tomorrow for my next post about e-cigs. It will be more in-depth. I’m still formulating my opinions on this.

      1. I do realize that they are e-cigs, but made and backed and advertised by the big tobacco companies. Who are putting nicotine in them. Why would they if we all know nicotine is addictive.?
        Why would you trust anything that is said by them after proven 50 yrs of lying and covering up, even today they are still lying and denying. So let me ask another question. Do you believe that nicotine in e- cigs was put in on purpose to get young people addicted.? For what reason, so they will keep buying more and more. Then more. $$$$$ for the companies. That’s what it is about profit for them at all costs

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