14 thoughts on “This is what 113,400 people watching hockey looks like!”

        1. Looks like Haruko found that one on mysmiley.net. She’s found all sorts of sites with these. They won’t work on Jack or LTTL’s sites, though. We’ve tried. Some of these are pretty cool:

          party smileys

        1. My son was a goaltender, netminder, dumbass between the pipes. Love the game. Miss watching him play. I played in the mens beer league until I had a hip replacement a few years back. End my glorious career. Heh!It sure was fun and I miss it.

  1. Tucson took a fledgling stab at hockey a few years back that unfortunately was all promotion. The arena was filled with loud ads and car commercials over the P.A. with no announcer for the play. Idiotic.

    In my youth, the neighbor kid’s dad had been a goalie in Canada so when the Winnipeg team moved to San Francisco in ’61 and became the San Francisco Seals, he took us out to the Cow Palace for a lot of matches. Back then, there were only six NHL teams that were hard to break into, so the level of talent in the WHL (Western Hockey League) was wonderful. The Seals won championships in ’62-’63 and ’63-’64.
    The playoffs were intense as hell. I was only eight years old, but those hockey memories are etched deep.

    The Seals did join the NHL, but were moved out of the Bay Area by Cleveland owners to Cleveland where attendance crashed, they merged with the Minnesota North Stars, who then ended up as the Dallas Stars. My first lesson in sport loyalty being just another business commodity that some jerk will ef around with.

    1. The Seattle Metropolitans were the first US team to win the Stanley Cup.

      Remember when Fox had the glowing puck disaster. Sheesh, drove me nuts. Besides, You aren’t watching hockey if you don’t see that “dandy” Don Cherry. I ‘m on sattelite now and I miss Hockey Nite in Canada.

      1. Yup, I miss Hockey Night in Canada, too. Was a big part of my routine for a few years when I lived in the San Juans. We got all the Canuck local games, too. I would watch just to see what outrageous shit Cherry would say. I was watching the night he railed about French Canadians complaining about too many Canadian flags in Nagano. He almost got fired over that.

        Versus does a good job, but it’s a shitty contract for the NHL. Real high-end network that costs a fortune to get. Kills their ratings. ESPN did a good job, but the game was slow and ugly back in those days and their ratings sucked. I think the NBC coverage is terrible. I can’t stand their announcers.

        Bettman is an idiot. It’s killing the NHL that they can’t get better TV contracts. That and all those teams in the Deep South bleeding money hand over fist that he refuses to let move.

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