Maps, maps, MAPS!

Ok, per Haruko’s request, here are several fascinating maps about smoking bans, lung cancer rates, diabetes rates and the 2008 election.

This four things may not sound related, but it’s definitely *intriguing* of how these four factors correlate.

What does it mean? Republicans hate smoking bans because they’re a regulation (I’m sure it has zero to do with how much money Republican legislators rake in from Big Tobacco.).

Where there are no smoking bans, smoking rates are higher. Where smoking rates are higher, lung cancer rates are higher. Also, education rates have everything to do with smoking rates …. and with how people smoke. College educated voters tend to vote Democratic, and Democrats tend to vote in favour of smoking bans.

And people who smoke tend not to take care of themselves healthwise more than nonsmokers. So more diabetes.

So, Republicans = high lung cancer rates, high rates of diabetes. It’s a vicious cycle, and that hypothesis is borne out by these maps.

White=Smoking bans, Black=no ban, Other colours=partial bans

Smoking bans

Lung cancer rates

Diabetes rates

2008 Presidential election

Damned amazin’, ain’t it!

5 thoughts on “Maps, maps, MAPS!”

  1. Interesting maps. Dare I say that this is further proof that conservatism is backwards and progressivism is forward-thinking? (Well, look at the words!) How strange that Colorado has such low diabetes rates. My brother has diabetes and can hardly walk. But this area really is a jock town. I’ll be huffing and puffing to the top of some mountain and some little muscle machine invariably trots by in shiny little shorts. Very irritating! šŸ™‚ Athletes come here to train because of the altitude.

    Anyway, glad to see your new blog, Pepe and Haruko!

  2. Nice Work Pepe,
    My girls had 4 grandparents that would be alive today if not for the smoking.
    One of them died just after turning 63!
    My youngest daughter has almost no memory of her grandparents.
    Hope all is well with you and all the best with your new endeavor

    1. Hi Patsy, glad you came over. Tell your friends!


      See, here, unlike PPOV, we have animated smileys, cuz we’re cutting edge!

      Yes, I have heard many,many, many stories about the devastation caused by tobacco. It’s heartbreaking and makes me angry.

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