Charlie Sheen too dangerous for Ontario


Ontario was quite concerned about Charlie Sheen coming there on his crazy “Torpedo of Truth!” tour because of his chain smoking. Canada has some very strict indoor smoking laws and apparently in some of his earlier appearances in America, Sheen was puffing away.

According to this story:

Ontario Health Promotion Minister Margarett Best said she was personally willing to give Sheen a hand in quitting smoking while he’s in Toronto on Thursday for his “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is not an Option” show.

She also pointed out that health inspectors would be in the city’s Massey Hall venue to make sure Sheen doesn’t violate a provincial law prohibiting smoking in enclosed public spaces, the Canadian Press reported.

“I would encourage him, given that he is a smoker, to call our hotline and to try and quit smoking for his own health,” the news service quoted the minister saying.

Hah, well, it turned out to be all for naught, because Charlie behaved during his Ontario show, and nary a cigarette was fired up. He even refused to light up after being dared by the audience. He did smoke a water vapour cigarette however (an e-cig perhaps) and apaprently made a couple of dashes to a fire escape near the stage.

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  1. If he called that hotline, all the phone operators would be lighting up and drinking tiger blood after hearing the sound of his voice.

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