Really bizarre ad from tobacco stooge Herman Cain

cain smoking adThanks to Misti for digging this up.

This is really bizarre. It’s an ad from Herman Cain’s campaign manager. It’s a pretty direct matter-of-fact personal testimony from the guy about why he likes Herman Cain … and then at the very end, they show him smoking a cigarette and blowing smoke right into the camera.

Bizarre. It’s like an old cigarette ad. I think it’s just a clumsy ad. They probably just told him, “act natural,” while they continued filming him, so he lit up a cigarette and smoked it.

I think…

… then again, Herman Cain does have a long, illustrious history of being a tobacco industry stooge.  While he was a lobbyist for the National Restaurant Association, he apparently took a shitload of money from Big Tobacco as he lobbied against smoking bans in restaurants. More on that in this New York Times article. Maybe it was a secret product placement for his tobacco buddies. Probably not…

… but then again, you never know.

What is funny is the reaction to the video, no one could tell whether or not it was REAL! It reminded me of these three videos, one of which pretty Haruko dug up.

You tell me which ones are real and which ones are fake:

Thank you, Haruko, I have WANTED to find this one, but you did for me

How about this ad. Is it for real?

6 thoughts on “Really bizarre ad from tobacco stooge Herman Cain”

  1. I thought of you when I saw this ad, Pepe. How bizarre! The pundits on TV were saying it was supposed imply that Cain was “smokin’!” Do you think these people could be any more out of touch?

  2. Thanks guys. Great blog…….I will be back to read more. I think there’s much more to learn about Herman Cain and his silly, cryptic videos. It keeps getting weirder by the day.

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