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This is the return of Pepe’s Non-Smoking Party Lounge.
I watched my dad, who smoked four packs a day, die of lung cancer when he was 49. I’ve watched my mom struggle with COPD for 10 years. I grew up with chronic bronchitis and ear infections from breathing six packs a day of my parents’ secondhand smoke. My goal is to rid the world of the plague of tobacco.
I don’t hate smokers. I hate the tobacco industry and all their decades of lies and deceit and murder.

Other than that, I’m pretty damn goofy.

12 thoughts on “The Lounge explained”

  1. Whatever, you hate smokers…

    All the information is out in the open, and some people continue to smoke, and indeed, new smokers crop up every day, and they are aware of the risks. For some people, the benefits outweigh the risks. Who are you to dictate to others what they should do with their lives?

    The deceit in the past was very bad, no one is denying that. But smoking rates have not gone to zero now that all that information is available, have they?

    Btw, are you fat? If so, watch South Park’s episode, Butt Out hahahahaha. How would you feel if some bureaucrat mandated that everything you ate had to be healthy? Millions of Americans die young from diabetes, heart disease, etc. Why don’t we regulate the hell out of the food industry too? Given obesity vs. smoking rates at this point, banning fast food would do much more for the general population’s health than banning cigarettes. Thus, your position is based less on logic, than on personal heartbreak. If your dad had died of a heart attack at 50 from eating too many cheeseburgers would you have a site up requesting a ban on McDonalds? Hmm???

    PS – I don’t smoke, I’m just a libertarian who sees through your bullshit.

    1. Well thank you for your response.

      Such a charming and respectful comment, too. I really appreciate your civility.

      For the record, I don’t hate smokers. I don’t believe I’ve written one paragraph anywhere on this blog ragging on smokers. If I have, please point it out. People in my family smoke, and I certainly don’t hate them. I do hate the industry. Read The Cigarette Century or The Tobacco Holocaust.

      Since you asked, I do struggle to keep my weight down. It is a real battle. I play hockey in the winter and climb mountains in the summer partly to motivate me to keep in shape. If you check the site, you might find some of my mountain-climbing photos posted here. Come back in August and see if I am successful in climbing some 11,000-footers then.

      You’re absolutely right that obesity is a growing problem. My mom and brother are both Type 2 diabetics, partly caused by obesity. Another reason for me to try and keep my weight down. I’ve written several posts on the blog about obesity and diabetes. Obesity kills nearly as many people as tobacco and in the next 10 to 15 years might even surpass tobacco. Some states and cities are regulating trans-fats in food, but obesity is pretty tough to regulate. It involves changing people’s eating habits and they aren’t going to do that unless they really want to.

      Too bad they don’t really have a cure for Libertarianism. Perhaps a prescription of lithium would help. Cheers!

      1. Hi Haruko!! Just read regarding smoking and have to confess to also being exposed to a lot of second hand smoke as I was a bartender for twenty yrs. Never was I so happy as when smoking was no longer allowed in public places.

  2. Funny, I quit smoking so I could play hockey. Skating up and down the ice hard can make a girl breathless and if you smoke OMG. Haven’t smoked in 16 years 😉

  3. I did the same.My Dad was a little older but still very young when he died.He, too, was a smoker.I do so miss him.

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