5 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. Hi kids!

    Nice place. 🙂

    Which is the most comfy couch?

    Need to spread the word that you’re open for business. Do you have any “rules”?

    1. Hello.

      So far the only rules are comments are going to be moderated for the time being because there’s too many ass douches at HP who hate my guts. Until I’m convinced they won’t come over here bringing their HP grudges with them (because I’m just not interested), it will remain moderated.

      So far I haven’t posted anything of substance, but I probably will later today. Maybe after a few posts we’ll advertise it a bit more … when there’s actually something to read.

  2. Congrats, Pepe and Haruku!

    I look forward to see what you fine folk write.

    Peace to you 2 during this holiday season.

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