OK, we get it Arnold Schwarzenegger, you’re some kind of rebel … or something


Arnold Schwarzenegger made a point of it last week to have his photo taken on the campus of Facebook holding a cigar in front of a sign that says, “tobacco free campus,” later proclaiming that he loves to break the rules.

Arnold’s Facebook caption:

Facebook’s philosophy is Move Fast and Break Things, which I love,’ he wrote in the caption. ‘So naturally I broke some rules at their headquarters. Thanks for the great visit!’

Yeah, whatever, most people are grown up enough that they don’t need to brag about what rebels they are, by holding an unlit cigar in front of a sign that says, “no smoking.” (the story says he was lighting the cigar, but in this photo at least, it’s pretty obviously unlit) Maybe because he was a serial philanderer, a steroid abuser and just about the worst governor in the history of California who utterly bankrupt the state financially .. but to me, this doesn’t really say “rebel,” it just says, “a guy acting like a douche.”