Jay Cutler is one smokin’ dude

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OK, I found this site just bust up funny.

Someone set up a site with Jay Cutler, one of the poutiest looking players in the NFL, with a bunch of photoshopped images of cigarettes in his mouth because it looks like Jay is always attempting to look too cool for school (I really have no idea if Jay Cutler even smokes, doubtful, since he’s an athlete and a diabetic).

Rumour is (a very unconfirmed rumour, I admit), is that one of the reasons that Jay Cutler looks like he is always pouting and one of the reasons he rarely shows much emotion is that he is has a high-functioning mild form of Asperger’s. Again, if you go online, you will find a million links about Cutler’s supposed Asperger’s, but absolutely zero confirmation. It’s something he’s never confirmed. (If it’s not Asperger’s, I wonder if it’s some other kind of disorder, like social anxiety disorder like Zach Grienke of the Dodgers, who very similarly always seems to have an expression of simply not caring.)

I first heard about these smoking photos from the Simpsons, which had a cartoon of Jay Cutler smoking.

In any case, I really laughed out loud looking at some of these photos. Ther’s about 50 of them on this site, so I’m not going to download them all, click on the link to see them all. Enjoy.




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