“Dammit, Blamtucky, I ain’t reprogramming a VCR”

Sorry, I just think that’s the funniest movie line. Ever.

Kentucky? and Indiana? are considering smoking bans? Well, I suppose I believe it when I see it, but a smoking ban did pass last year in a Republican-dominated Kansas, Virginia and North Carolina in the the last year or two, so anything is possible. I was actually genuinely shocked when Kansas passed a strong smoking ban. Very, very conservative state.

Kentucky and Indiana are obviously both Republican-dominated states, and Republicans are loathe to pass smoking bans, because many conservatives see them as infringing on small businesses (I’m sure all the campaign contributions Big Tobacco consistently shovels toward Republicans have nothing to do with it.). They also happen to have two of the highest smoking rates in the nation. Not coincidentally, they are also two of the 12 states left with absolutely no statewide smoking ban whatsoever. It will be interesting to see how far these bills proceed. After the bloody battles in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and other states recently, I believe the tide has turned on smoking bans. The opposition is crumbling and there are fewer and fewer “black states” on the smoking ban map.

Thirdhand smoke

This is an interesting issue that drives the anti-smoking ban lobby crazy, but trust me, it’s real. You’ve heard of first-hand smoke, right? That’s the smoke the smoker inhales. Second-hand smoke? That’s the smoke hanging in rooms that non-smokers have to breathe.

There is also something called Third-hand smoke. And it’s real. That is the residue left behind in the walls, the carpet, the furniture, but cigarette smoke. And trust me, it stinks. When we had a chain-smoker move downstairs at the condo, the smoke got in the furniture and the carpet. After we got this smokestack to not smoke directly underneath us anymore, you could still smell it in the carpet and furniture. I had to have the carpet cleaned and the upholstery cleaned to get rid of the reek. I did not send him a bill, though I was tempted.

That thirdhand smoke not only stinks, it is genuinely bad for you. Several studies have pointed out, including a new one just came out this week from Israel, states that the residues in thirdhand smoke can cause respiratory problems and more. I can believe it. Before we had the condo cleaned, I felt constant irritation in my throat and nose from the residue, and I could feel those airways starting to clamp up from it. It’s not a joke, it’s real.

3 thoughts on ““Dammit, Blamtucky, I ain’t reprogramming a VCR””

  1. I had not heard of 3rd hand smoke – but it makes total sense! We have all walked into places where there aren’t any smokers, but you can sure as hell tell they’ve been there. It’s disgusting.

    Re: Indiana – like you, I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s such a staunchly conservative state- even more so with the last election. A few years back, a Republican on the City Council voted for (and may have even sponsored – I forget) anti-smoking legislation in my city. (No smoking in restaurants, bars, etc). The measure passed – but he was voted off the Council in the next election. The common sentiment here is that his support of the smoking ban did him in.

    btw – the recent issue here is that casino owners are trying to get an exemption on the smoking ban. We’ll see.

    Good post, Pepe, thanks for keeping us informed on this important issue. I love it that there are smoking bans – I can now walk out of a bar or restaurant without smelling like an ashtray.

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