Great parody of really kind of weird Ray Liotta Chantix ad

OK, I immediately took an interest in this Ray Liotta Chantix ad that you see constantly on ESPN and during football games, just because of my interest in tobacco control.

It’s actually not a bad commercial. Ray sounds very sincere in his endorsement for this product and/or service. However, he just looks … weird. I really think he’s just had too much work done, like Kenny Rogers.

And for some reason, everything Ray is doing while endorsing Chantix is in slow motion. Playing with his dog. Slow motion. Drinking coffee. Slow motion. He even appears to give a Nazi salute … in slow motion. (Im sure Ray isn’t a Nazi … don’t beat me up Ray, I’ve seen  “Something Wild.” You tIt gives a certain gravitas to Ray … and Chantix. “Now, that I’m not going to die of smoking, I’m taking things slow and enjoying life…”

I also have to crack up because this is the same guy who does Vodka ads. “OK, I quit smoking, but I didn’t quit vodka, because I’m not some kind of pussy, OK?”

So, here’s the original Ray Liotta commercial, in all of his Botox glory

Here’s the parody

Here’s another parody, with scenes from Goodfellas

You have to laugh at it.