Great Britain banning tobacco displays in stores

Great Britain is following the lead of Canada and is expected to ban the display of tobacco products (I’ve heard these called Powerwalls in Canada).

There’s talk that the FDA may do something similar later this year or early next year in the U.S., but I suspect whatever they do when it comes to powerwalls, it will probably be pretty subtle.

What made this story especially funny is one of the more stupid comments I’ve ever seen on Topix (a news aggregation site which is where you can find a lot of these stories easily). The comment reads:

Someone needs to remind these anti-American, Nazi oriented political scum of the Constitution. Smoking is not the issue it is the freedom that is being eroded. It should be a capital offense to violate the Constitution.

I guess he didn’t actually bother reading the story … because he would have noticed that the story took place in the UNITED KINGDOM. Smiley

Also, a capital offense to violate the Constitution? So, does that mean he thinks Bush, Cheney, Nixon, Reagan, Kissinger, Oliver North, half the Watergate conspirators and Jan Brewer should have all been put to death?

Because they have all violated the Constitution.