Herman Cain — Tobacco industry whore douchebag stooge


OK, if Herman Cain’s pathological bigotry toward Muslims and his borderline Uncle Ruckus “Blacks have been brainwashed into voting for Democrats” schtick wasn’t enough reason to hate him, now there is this.

(Thanks to Sandy at Current for cluing me in on this, BTW.)

In the 1990s, when Herman Cain, owner of Godfather’s Pizza, was a lobbyist for the restaurant industry, he partnered with RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris to oppose smoking bans for restaurants. Cain helped lobby against local and state smoking bans on behalf of the tobacco giants. Why? Whoooooaaaa, Nelly! Here we go! A letter from Herman Cain to SAFE — the Save American Free Enterprise fund, a tobacco industry front group at the time:

On behalf of National Restaurant Association and the
Save American Free Enterprise (SAFE) fund, I want
thank you for RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company’s generous
contribution to the SAFE fund.
As you know, the purpose of the SAFE fund is to provide
financial support to state restaurant associations in
their efforts to defeat anti-business ballot initiatives,
along with pro-actively promoting free enterprise
through federal and state legislation .
Rob, as we head into a new millenium, it will take
courage and leadership from industry leaders like you if
we are to Save American Free Enterprise .
Again, many thanks for your ongoing support and
participation with the National Restaurant Association.


Herman Cain

What a fucking weasel. We are talking about smoking bans in … FAMILY RESTAURANTS … where children eat. It’s bad enough for employees to breath secondhand smoke for 40 hours a week, but they were fighting bans around kids.

Wow, just when you think a guy couldn’t be a bigger douchebag (and really, after Cain’s cracks about Muslims and towns should be able to ban mosques, he’s pretty damn high on the douchebag scale.), Cain takes it one step higher.

By the way, Cain IS Uncle Ruckus!

2 thoughts on “Herman Cain — Tobacco industry whore douchebag stooge”

  1. Now you guys know why I hate pizza. This shows that being an arrogant, stupid, bastard transcends age, color, race. If he were to make it to the white house he would claim to be the first African American President.

    His support of the tobacco industry shows that he didn’t care about his customers, similarly he wouldn’t care about the citizens of the US—-toss some bucks his way and have a few Repugs pat him on the ass and he is golden.

    Oh, and by the way, Pepe’s Party Lounge is a MUCH better blog than mine! Smiley

    1. Thank you, Jack. You’re right. He’s a soulless bugger. That stuff he said about Muslims and blacks being brainwashed showed how out of touch he is.

      Thank you, Pepe. He made me an admin today. Smiley

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