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Angry and apparently very drunk vaper finds out the hard way you can’t vape on an airplane

Angry vapers UK

OK, I don’t do many of these stories. I should do more. This is just too funny to pass up.

NBC News did a story last week about how a woman, apparently very drunk, tried to fire up her e-cigarette on an airplane and was told she couldn’t vape on the airplane. Even after she was told to put it away as she entered the airplane, she apparently tried to use it in her seat. ¬†For her trouble, she apparently was detained by the FBI and could face charges of interfering with a flight attendant.

After being told to put her e-cigarette away, she apparently tried to sneak in a few vapes in the bathroom. Witnesses said she then cursed at the flight attendant, exposed her breasts and threw a soda can at him. I love her explanation. “THAT is not true, I was trying to throw it in a trash can next to him.”

Yeah, because airplanes have trash cans….

She was ordered to move to the back of the plane where she apparently fell asleep. She was taken into custody after the plane landed.

“Maybe no one will mind … or notice….”

What really cracks me up about this, is at least once or twice every month, you will still to this day on the tobacco news boards (I used to see a lot of these stories back in the Topix days six, eight years ago), find a story about some smoker freaking out on an airplane after being told to put it out. Smoking has been banned on domestic flights for 25 years now 15 years on international flights. After 15 years, you will still find ¬†people who just gotta try and smoke on an airplane or in an airplane bathroom or fiddle with the bathroom smoke detector so they can smoke. Look, here’s one from just three weeks ago. And they’re usually drunk, too. I just don’t get this phenomena of drunken people lighting up on planes. You know you can’t do it, you know you won’t get away with it, you know you could go to jail for it …. all over a cigarette. But, some nitwits still try it. And now there’s going to be a few nutty vapers apparently joining that group, now. I know e-cigarettes aren’t as obnoxious as cigarettes, but c’mon, you have to know you cannot vape on an airplane. (There is no law against it, but I looked it up, no airline allows vaping.).

Hey, nicotine is nicotine. Junkie behaviour is junkie behaviour, no matter what the nicotine delivery system.