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What th….? Those monsters in North Korea taught a zoo chimp to smoke cigarettes


I … I … just can’t. I don’t know.

North Korea, for some reason, is entertaining people by featuring a chimp at the Pyongyang Zoo, that smokes.

She doesn’t just smoke, either. She smokes an entire pack of cigarettes a day. That poor chimp. Hooked on nicotine, probably getting sick.

And those assholes in North Korea — letting him do it.

It wasn’t something that happened by accident, either. The North Koreans actually taught the chimp how to smoke cigarettes.

From the Washington Post:

When she puffs on a cigarette, onlookers “roar with laughter,” as the Guardian reported recently. “Her trainer seemed to be encouraging the smoking and prompted her to touch her nose, bow thank you and do a simple dance.” She appears to have been taught to use a lighter. On Wednesday, an Associated Press photographer caught Dallae on camera as she ignited a fresh cigarette from a smoldering butt.

Pyongyang Zoo officials said the chimpanzee, whose name when translated from Korean means Azalea, does not inhale the smoke. (Smoking remains a popular habit among North Korean men, with nearly half — 46 percent — estimated to smoke daily by World Lung Foundation’s Tobacco Atlas. North Korean women only smoke at a rate of 2 percent.)